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Guides and Handbooks Top of Page
History of the Church
  Ref BR141 .H35132 1992 v.1-3
New Handbook of Living Religions
  Ref BL80.2 .H275 1997
Religious Holidays & Calendars, 2004
World Religions
  Ref BL82 .B68 2004

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Top of Page
Chambers Dictionary of Beliefs & Religions
  Ref BL31 .D53 2009
Dictionary of Hinduism, 2009
Encyclopedia of African Religion
Encyclopedia of Buddhism
  Ref BQ128 .E62 2004 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism
  Ref BL238 .E63 2001
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
  Ref BP40 .E525 2004 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of Judaism
  Ref BM50 .E63 1999 v.1-3
Encyclopedia of Monasticism
  Ref BL631 .E63 2000 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of Protestantism
  Ref BX4811.3 .E53 2004 v.1-4
Encyclopedia of Religion
  Ref BL31 .E46 1986
Encyclopedia of Religious & Spiritual Development, 2006
Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
  Ref Bl240.3 .E53 2003 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of Unbelief
  Ref BL2705 .E53 1985 v.1-2
Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religion
 Ref BL2525 M449 2009
New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy & Worship
  Ref BV173 .N49 2002
Oxford Companion to Christian Thought
  Ref BR95 .O94 2000
Papacy: An Encyclopedia
  Ref BX955.2 .D53 2002 v.1-3
Qur'an: An Encyclopedia
  Ref BP133 .Q87 2006
Religion & the Law
  Ref KF4865 .A68 A54 1999
Religions of the World: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Beliefs and Practices
  Ref BL80.3 .R45 2002 v.1-4
Science, Religion & Society
  Ref BL240.3 .S37 2007 v. 1-2

Biographical Sources Top of Page
Biographical Dictionary of American Cult & Sect Leaders
  Ref BL2525 .M448 1986
Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians
  Ref BR95 .B575 2002
Great Thinkers of the Eastern World
  Ref B5005 .G74 1995
Oxford Dictionary of Popes
  Ref BX955.2 .K45
Who’s Who in the New Testament, 2002
Who’s Who in the Old Testament, 2002

Atlases Top of Page
Atlas of Sacred Places
  Ref BL580 .H37 1994
MacMillan Bible Atlas
  Ref G2230 .A2 1968
New Historical Atlas of Religion in America
  Ref G1201 .E4 N4 2001 ATLAS CASE

Sacred Texts and Supplements Top of Page
Blackwell Companion to the Hebrew Bible
  Ref BS1171.3 .B53 2001
Concordance of the Qur’an
  Ref BP133 .K37
Holy Qur’an
JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh: The Traditional Hebrew Text and the New JPS Translation
  Ref BS895 .J4 1999

Bibliographies Top of Page
Black Theology: A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
  Ref Z7774 .E9 1987
Magic, Witchcraft and Paganism in America: A Bibliography
  Ref Z6878 .M3 M44 1992

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Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Principle ToolATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials
Humanities Full Text

ProjectMUSE (Standard Collection)
Social Sciences Citation Index
Religion Index One
  Ref Z7753 .A5

Internet Sites Top of Page
Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
American Religion Data Archive – Sacred Texts
Biblical Art on the WWW
Islam: The Modern Religion
Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Religion Resources on the Web
Virtual Religion Index
Yahoo! Directory: Religion & Spirituality