Student Employment

The purpose of the Student Employment Program is to provide employment to those students with financial need thereby enabling them to meet a portion of their educational expenses and to assist the Westminster community by providing part-time employees to assist in the daily operation of the College. The program also serves to connect the educational experience with the world of work and affords students the opportunity to develop competencies and skills that employers seek from college graduates, such as a strong work ethic and computer, communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills, to name a few.

To apply, please contact the supervisor listed in the job description.


Communication Studies, Theatre, & Art

Job Title:
Social Media Coordinator for TV & Radio

Gary Swanson

Hours per Week:

Contact Information
Gary Swanson
phone: (724) 946-7715

Job Begins
Upon Hire

This position is responsible for connecting to the public through multiple social media platforms, ensuring that all social media posts are appropriate and relevant, and showcasing local events, music news, and TV or radio station related student work. This position works closely with Broadcasting students and employees, as well as some off campus event sites to stay up to date on student work and local events and news. Hours are primarily during the day. Posts on most platforms can be scheduled to publish at different times, but some platforms will require this employee to send out posts remotely at the desired publication time. For more information, and to apply, please contact Gary Swanson at

This position requires strong communication and grammar skills, flexibility, and an in-depth understanding of the operation of multiple social media platforms. This position also requires creativity and strong scheduling skills to ensure that posts are interesting and consistent. Research and writing skills. Knowledge and understanding of the functionalities and cross-promotion of multiple social media platforms. General understanding of marketing (particularly digital marketing), media & communications, and public relations. The successful candidate will be intimately aware of the appropriateness of all social media posts. Must communicate efficiently and work well with all other team members. Demonstrate ability to use time effectively, while exhibiting pronounced creativity and resourcefulness. Ability to explain and create tutorials on social media operations for other employees.

Special Requirements:
This offers the opportunity to improve communication, critical thinking, and social media literacy skills. Creative ideas are welcomed and encouraged for content, expansion into new platforms, and new developments on existing platforms. Apply online at