Student Employment

The purpose of the Student Employment Program is to provide employment to those students with financial need thereby enabling them to meet a portion of their educational expenses and to assist the Westminster community by providing part-time employees to assist in the daily operation of the College. The program also serves to connect the educational experience with the world of work and affords students the opportunity to develop competencies and skills that employers seek from college graduates, such as a strong work ethic and computer, communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills, to name a few.

To apply, please contact the supervisor listed in the job description.


Library & Information Services

Job Title:
Server Technician

Brano Cikel

Hours per Week:

Contact Information
Alejandra Julio
phone: (724) 946-7330

Job Begins
Fall 2017

Assists Infrastructure Services Systems Operations Team with Daily tasks.

Applicants must have good computer skills (prior server experience is not required but desired), mathematical , organizational, time management and good communication skills as well as be attentive to detail. Majoring in Computer Sciences is not required but the applicant must be willing to lear.

Special Requirements:
Applicant does not have to be Work study eligible unless they are a First Year student. Previous on-campus job references are preferred. Applicants must be able to work between 9-5 on most weekdays. No evening and weekend shifts available.