Student Employment

The purpose of the Student Employment Program is to provide employment to those students with financial need thereby enabling them to meet a portion of their educational expenses and to assist the Westminster community by providing part-time employees to assist in the daily operation of the College. The program also serves to connect the educational experience with the world of work and affords students the opportunity to develop competencies and skills that employers seek from college graduates, such as a strong work ethic and computer, communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills, to name a few.

To apply, please contact the supervisor listed in the job description.


Student Affairs - Residence Life Staff

Job Title:
Resident Assistant

Jeter Smith

Hours per Week:
approx. 15

Contact Information
Jeter Smith
phone: (724) 946-7110

Job Begins
August 2018

Community Responsibilities • Assist residents in the development of community in the residence halls. • Devote ample time each week to actively interact with community members. • Plan and implement programs for the community. • Facilitate a programming model and/or theme floor model based on the residence hall in which I am placed. • Maintain floor bulletin boards for informational and educational purposes. • Attend all weekly Resident Assistant staff meetings (30-45 mins.). • Meet one on one with RD/CA weekly (15-30 mins.). • Attend monthly all-staff meetings. • Maintain confidentiality regarding student information which could include conduct and medical information. • Serve as resource and referral for students. • Maintain clear and consistent communication between residents and the College. • Be present for opening and closing of residence halls, including closing responsibilities through 8 p.m. on the night of graduation. This means RAs are the first to arrive to campus and the last to leave. • Assist in building roommate relationships and mediate roommate conflicts. Administrative Responsibilities • Complete and maintain Room Condition Forms and other housing-related paperwork. • Post signage and hold meetings to educate residents about residence hall processes and policies. • Aid in the selection and on-going training of staff members, as requested. • Submit all completed administrative paperwork neatly and in a timely manner. Residence Hall Responsibilities • Participate in RA staff duty rotation. Two RAs staff the building on weekend nights, one RA on the weekdays. • Ensure safety and security of residential facilities. • Confront and document policy violations. • Assist with emergency situations and make appropriate referrals. Training Responsibilities • Complete all on-line training over the summer (before August training). • Attend all sessions during August training (before the fall semester begins). • Attend January training (before the spring semester begins). • If you are granted permission prior to training, to be excused from part of training, (i.e., marching band, athletics) you must make up all material missed. It is not the responsibility of your fellow staff members or supervisor to do this for you. • Additional training sessions may be added throughout the year based on identified deficiencies or needs. Other Responsibilities • Nights away from campus only with permission from supervisor (10 nights per semester, 18 total). • Return to your building each night by 2am. • Maintain a positive attitude towards residents and the Student Affairs Office and Westminster College. • Assist in other duties as assigned.

Must be entering at least their second year at Westminster and have lived on campus for at least one semester. All applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Special Requirements: