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Professional Networking Symposium

Student Networking Award Winners


2023-2024 Nominees

Erin DaRe

Nominator: Russell Martin

Ms. DaRe is exactly the kind of student that this award was designed to recognize. She is hardworking, energetic, eager to expand her horizons beyond classwork and major programs, and very, very smart. I recommended her for an internship at an automotive museum in central PA and she was a hit with the staff (and learned a lot about museums and historical research). She is an eager volunteer for the AP program and attends its events, including the recent Speaker Series event with Marshall Poe. She is one of our stars.

Jacob Forrest

Nominator: Andrew Henley

In my recent interactions at the HAAC reception, I was particularly impressed by Jacob Forrest, a diligent history major with a secondary education minor. Jacob displayed an innate ability to connect with professionals across various fields, demonstrating a depth of understanding in his domain and articulating his aspirations for a summer 2024 internship with clarity and passion. His genuine interest in learning from others, combined with his thoughtful questions and engagement, showcased exemplary networking skills that set him apart. I wholeheartedly believe that Jacob's academic background and his adeptness at fostering meaningful connections make him an ideal candidate for any organization seeking a dedicated intern.

Cameron Lafayette

Nominator: Andrew Henley

Please let us know why you think the student should be nominated, and how they have impressed you with their networking skills. In my interactions with the HAAC, Cameron Lafayette stood out not only for their profound passion for history and archival science but also for their innate ability to connect and converse meaningfully with professionals from diverse fields. As a history major, Cameron's internship at the library archives on campus allowed them to delve deep into archival practices, and it's evident in the way they speak about their aspirations to become an archivist. Their enthusiasm for library science is inspiring, and it's paired with a genuine curiosity and ability to actively listen, ask insightful questions, and forge authentic connections. It's rare to encounter a student like Cameron who seamlessly blends deep subject matter knowledge with outstanding networking skills, making them a truly deserving candidate for recognition.

Zackery Tomlinson

Nominator: Andrew Henley

In my interactions during the HAAC, Zackery Tomlinson, a history major with a secondary education minor from Eastern Pa, markedly stood out. Not only does his passion for hands-on experiences in education shine through in every conversation, but his adept networking skills were evident. At the reception, Zackery showcased an innate ability to engage with professionals from various fields, asking insightful questions and building rapport effortlessly. His eagerness for a hands-on internship in his field of study combined with his proactive approach to networking solidifies my belief that Zackery is not only well-prepared for professional opportunities but will significantly benefit and contribute to any organization he joins.

Hayne Webster

Nominator Name: Andrew Henley

In my interactions during the HAAC, Hayne Webster, an honors first-year History major, left an indelible impression with his keen intellect and exceptional networking prowess. His profound background in legal studies, coupled with his aspirations of pursuing a legal career, was evident in the depth and maturity of his discussions. Hayne's ability to engage meaningfully, ask insightful questions, and forge connections at the reception showcased not only his commitment to his academic pursuits but also his potential as a future leader in the legal domain. I wholeheartedly nominate him, believing that he embodies the very essence of what our symposium seeks to nurture and promote.


2022-2023 Winner

Joseph Armstrong

Westminster College Senior



2021-2022 Winners

Jarred Kohl

Client Services Analyst
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Denver, Colorado


Lauryn Todd

Transfer Price Consultant
Pittsburgh, PA



2020-2021 Winners

Christian Keegan

Coordinator, Department Payroll & Administration – Psychiatry
Washington University in St. Louis
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Lauren Millhorn

Univerisy of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate student
Lincoln, NE



2019-2020 Winners

Brice Bokesch

Senior Consultant
Capital Edge Consulting
Pittsburgh, PA


Hannah Fell

Business Management Associate
JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Jackson Gastmeyer

Sales Development Representative Plus
Juniper Networks
Druham, NC



2018-2019 Winners

Alina Clough

Senior UX Consultant
REI Systems
Washington D.C.


Seth Fisher

Senior Staff Accountant
New York, NY


Shannon Wenk

Vice President, Auditor
BNY Mellon
New York, NY