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Aumni Resources


Alumni Interview Program

Students may speak with alumni who are professionals in the field(s) in which they are interested. A list of alumni contacts may be obtained according to occupational and geographic preferences.


Alumni Shadowing Program

Sponsored by the Alumni Office and the Professional Development Center, this program provides students with opportunities to spend a day in the field with an alum in an area of professional interest.


Titan Homes

Do you have the opportunity to do a great internship but need a place to stay? Check with the Professional Development Center for a list of alumni willing to house you during your internship.

  Titan Homes Student Guidelines


Get Involved


Alumni like yourself can help us create more employment connections for the Titans. We are eager to connect and support your hiring efforts! Email us to get started.

We’re Looking for Titan Career Ambassadors!

The Career Ambassador role is designed to drive our Titan Hiring Titans initiative. Any alumni can serve as a Titan Career Ambassador.

Duties of Titan Career Ambassador:

  • Helps to recruit employers to use Professional Development Center services.
  • Educates the Titan Nation about the Titans Hiring Titans initiative and available CC services.
  • Has a full working knowledge of the services available at the CC and serves as a liaison between the CC and established network to relay career development needs.

If you want to know more about the opportunity to be a Titan Career Ambassador, please email us.

Get Involved by Giving Back

Looking for ways to boost your recruiting strategy and give back to the Westminster community? Help us to create connections through your involvement in various programs that will give you the opportunity to engage and educate students. Whether you are interested in leading an educational workshop, hosting students for a job shadowing day, or serving as a mentor for students in your field, we have plenty of opportunities for you to do that and more.

How Can WE Help you?

  • Career Planning Appointments – Alumni can request individual career coaching appointments.
  • Workshops – Offers professional development on a variety of topics. Do You Need Help Finding a Job?




LinkedIn is your chance to make a strong first impression with networking contacts online. Your LinkedIn profile provides a snapshot of your qualifications to potential employers and networking contacts. Your profile is also often one of the first things that appears in a Google search for your name.

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  The Titan Network



Contact Jen Hough at to get an account today!

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Professional Networking Symposium

The Professional Networking Symposium is designed to help students and young alumni better understand potential paths after graduation, including career and graduate school options. There are also many opportunities for students, alumni, and friends of Westminster College to meet and network with others in their field. The Symposium includes a career fair, breakout sessions and an opportunity to connect with students and other alumni. Sessions are designed to address specific topics and interests, include participants with directly relevant experience, and are moderated by experienced professionals.

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  PNS 2023 Interest Form


The Titan Network

The Titan Network was created to connect Westminster College alumni and current students aspiring to improve their career prospects. This group was created with the intention of creating opportunities to network with people who share career interests.

Networking is vital to a student's career development. It allows them to understand options, find opportunities and to begin developing valuable professional connections.

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