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College offices use campus Mailroom mailboxes and e-mail as official means of communicating with students. Students are responsible for information provided through those means. Official notices sent through the mail and placed in a student’s mailbox will be considered delivered. Students are expected to check their mailboxes daily.

U.S. Postal Service mail is delivered to the Mailroom on the first level of the McKelvey Campus Center Monday through Saturday and is placed in student mailboxes daily except Saturday and Sunday.

Stamps may be purchased and letters and packages mailed during Mailroom hours, weekdays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Student’s campus return address is required on all off campus mail and packages. The Mailroom also provides shipping via UPS and FedEx.

All students, both residents and commuters, are required to have a mailbox on campus. Mailbox keys are issued free of charge to each new and transfer student when they arrive on campus. A replacement key is $20 and a photo ID will be required for purchase. Students should keep their mailbox key during all breaks while in attendance at Westminster and the key should only be returned for *reasons listed below. Students must use their key to access their mailbox, Mailroom staff will not be responsible for getting students’ mail from their mailbox.

*The student is responsible for returning their mailbox key and the key must be returned to the Mailroom when any of these occur to avoid a $20 charge:

  • Leave of absence
  • Withdrawal from the College
  • Suspension
  • Graduation

The Business Office will deduct $20 from student’s matriculation refund if mailbox keys are not returned.

Students’ mailing addresses should read as follows:

Student’s Name
Box Number (note: this is not a P.O. Box)
Westminster College
319 S. Market St.
New Wilmington, PA 16172-0001

Addresses should include mailbox numbers for all incoming mail and packages ordered/received from all delivery companies (UPS, USPS, Fed EX, DHL). Students will receive a package pick-up card in their mailboxes to inform them that a package has arrived. Pick-up card, photo ID and signature will be required for package pick-up. Students will not be permitted to pick up mail or packages for other students. Packages received at the Mailroom and not picked up by the recipient within 30 days after delivery will be returned to sender.

Students should insist that any money sent through U.S. mail or intercampus mail be in the form of money orders or checks. The Mailroom will not be responsible for cash sent through intercampus mail. The College cannot be responsible for claims regarding lost or stolen U.S. mail. These claims can be handled at a local U.S. Post Office.

An intercampus mail system is available to all students. Mail should indicate the name of the student and box number. Size of items to be mailed must be at least one-third sheet of 8 1/2” x 11” paper; this also includes the finished size of folded items. Items to be mailed that include more than ten pieces must be in mailbox number order. Larger quantities should be rubber banded.

Student organizations may send representatives to the Mailroom Monday through Friday from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. to fill students’ mailboxes with flyers after (1) scheduling a time at least one day prior; and (2) completing a form (available at the Mailroom).

Before leaving campus in May, returning students will need to make temporary address changes with any senders (banks, credit card companies, subscriptions) for mail they wish to receive during the summer. The U.S. Post Office and the College do not forward students’ mail addressed to the College. During the summer all first class mail received for returning students will be placed in their mailboxes and all other types (periodicals and catalogs) will be discarded. If you plan to be on campus during the summer months, inform Mailroom staff and all your mail will be placed in your campus mailbox.

Permanent address changes should be made with senders when leaving Westminster for *reasons listed above. Mail and packages received for students who leave college for *reasons listed above will be “returned to sender”.


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