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Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The purpose(s) of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship are: Section 1 To support fellowship on campus, to experience and witness the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith (Acts 2:42). Furthermore, OCF will work to nurture and strengthen love for Jesus Christ and His Church in its fullness at this most critical juncture of human life and offer an opportunity for Orthodox Christian students and those interested in the Orthodox Christian Church to become more fully acquainted with and informed about their Orthodox heritage. Section 2 To deepen the spiritual and devotional life of university and college students and to promote earnest study of Orthodox Christian doctrine, practice and living. Section 3 To strengthen ties between students of the Orthodox Christian Faith, and to develop a more fruitful fellowship among them, and further cooperation with other Christian organizations with similar aims. Section 4 To bear witness on campus to the unique message of the Orthodox Church by affirming its continuity in the course of history from the Apostolic beginnings. Section 5 To further, directly or indirectly, the welfare of students in body, mind and spirit, in harmony with the Christian purpose. Section 6 To unite students in Orthodox worship. Section 7 To sponsor activities such as study groups, Christian service, and lectures by specialists on topics of interest to the group. Section 8 To promote and participate in national programs offered by Orthodox Christian Fellowship, a religious corporation, which is a national organization authorized by and affiliated with the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America.