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Residence Life Staff

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who live on each floor within our residence halls. They are available to assist with questions/concerns, facility issues, and ensuring our students feel a sense of belonging within our residential communities. Their goal is to ensure residents feel connected to campus, each other, and most importantly their floors. This is done through intentional conversations, educational and social programming, creating personal connections, and co-creating a community atmosphere for their residents. Additionally, our Resident Assistants are trained on a wide variety of topics to assist students on campus, whether that is questions about Residence Life policies, where to find certain offices on campus, or connecting them to resources and services that best assist them.


Meet the Staff

The Office of Residence Life is supported by the Director of Residence Life and full-time Area Coordinators. Our Area Coordinators are highly trained professional staff that help co-create community development efforts with their RAs , ensure that health and safety standards are met, and collaborate with a wide variety of campus offices to maintain our residential spaces. Each Area Coordinator will oversee two residential buildings and directly supervise the RA staff in those building and are supported by the Director of Residence Life.

All of our Residence Life staff work together to ensure that we provide a residential environment in which each student can reach their fullest potential.


Office of Residence Life Staff

Evan Weinstein

Evan Weinstein

Galbreath & Eichenauer Hall

Area Coordinator