Counseling Services

Westminster College Counseling Services is committed to the personal growth and development of the student body. Counselors embrace a philosophy of diversity, respecting all students who seek services, providing a safe and confidential place to communicate.

Short term counseling services are free of charge; licensed and certified counselors address a wide range of mental health issues and provide referrals to services off campus. Appointments can be arranged by directly emailing the counselors or through the Student Health Center.

If you currently receive psychiatric services, we recommend that you locate a psychiatrist in the area PRIOR to matriculation for prescription needs, since waiting periods for a first appointment with local providers are no less than three months. For medications that do not require a psychiatrist prescription, a Health Center physician may be able to meet those needs. Please note that our campus physicians do not prescribe for ADD/ADHD. If you currently receive counseling services, and would like to meet with a campus counselor, please be sure to provide a release form from your provider.

For more information, please visit our Counseling Services page.