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Department of Psychology

Bachelor's Degree + Master's Degree in Psychology (3+2)


Westminster College and Chatham University

Currently enrolled Westminster students in the Psychology major program will be guaranteed acceptance into Chatham University's Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) or the Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) upon completion of the following criteria. Upon the successful completion of all requirements, students in the program will attain a bachelor's degree from Westminster and a master's degree from Chatham.

Students in this 3+2 program must complete their major and general education requirements (including Capstone/Senior Psychology Scholarship Experience) by the end of their junior year at Westminster College before transitioning to the MSCP or MAP program at Chatham. See suggested schedule of Westminster courses for the 3+2 program.

Each student who declares intent to complete a 3+2 program shall be advised by an assigned member of the faculty at Westminster. The student will also be assigned a Chatham faculty advisor in the appropriate program. It is highly recommended that the students in the program meet with their Chatham faculty advisor (either in person, by phone or by e-mail) during their sophomore or junior year.


Admission Requirements for Chatham's MSCP and MAP Programs

Students must satisfactorily complete the following criteria at Westminster, prior to enrollment at Chatham University:

  • Completion of Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101)
  • A minimum of a grade of C in each psychology course taken (C- not accepted).
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better on a scale of 4.0.
  • A minimum of 108 undergraduate credits
  • Application to the program via Chatham’s Office of Admissions.


Suggested Westminster Curriculum for the 3+2 Master's in Psychology Programs

The sequence of courses may be altered with consent of the academic advisor. Intellecutal Perspectives (IP) courses are indicated by their two-letter code in parentheses. Students must succesfully earn 64 or more semester hours at Westminster prior to matriculating to Chatham's MSCP or MAP program.

First Year (Fall)
First Year (Spring)
Research Experience in Psychology (PSY 100)
Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101; ST IP)
Principles of Chemistry with lab (CHE 117; SD IP)
Inquiry (INQ 111; FYP)
Speech or Writing (SPE 111 or WRI 111; FYP)
Westminster 101 (WST 101; FYP)
Research Experience in Psychology (PSY 100)
Experimental Design and Statistics with lab (PSY 201)
Deviance (SOC 102) or Juvenile Delinquency and Justice (CJS 201)
Speech or Writing (SPE 111 or WRI 111; FYP)
Elective Course

Sophomore Year (Fall)
Sophomore Year (Spring)
Principles of Learning (PSY 281)
Psychology Elective ______ (--- ---)
Calculus 1 (MTH 150; QR IP)
Foreign Language at 201-level FL IP
Abnormal Psychology (PSY 401)
Adulthood and Aging (PSY 291) or Abnormal Child Development (PSY 431)
Cluster Course Elective (CC)
Cluster Course Elective (CC)

Junior Year (Fall)
Junior Year (Spring)
Critical Thinking and Writing in Psychology (PSY 300)
Assessment with lab (PSY 301)
Humanity or Culture Elective (HC IP)
Elective ______ (--- ---)
Clinical Psychology (PSY 421)
Senior Psychology Scholarship Experience (PSY 600)
Visual or Performing Arts Elective (VP IP)
Religion or Philosophy Elective (RP IP)
Internship - Summer (PSY 590)


For More Information

Please contact the Chair of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Deanne Buffalari,