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Pre-Ministry Program

Bachelor’s Degree + Master of Divinity (3+3)


Westminster College and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Up to ten (10) Westminster students in the Pre-Ministry Program will be guaranteed acceptance into the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) program leading to the Master of Divinity degree through a 3+3 Program. Westminster students must be in good academic and conduct standing to participate in the Program.

During their first year at Westminster, student must provide written notification of their intent to participate in the Program to their Westminster academic advisor and the coordinator of the 3+3 Program. Notification must include a plan that demonstrates how they will complete all general education and major requirements by the end of their junior year – See suggested schedule of Westminster courses.


Admission Requirements for Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s M.Div. Program

Students in the 3+3 program must complete all PTS entrance requirements, including:

  • Online application form submitted by no later than February 1 of the junior year;
  • Official transcripts of all college and university work attempted
  • 300-word personal statement
  • 750-1000 word analytical essay
  • Personal interview
  • Three references, including one that is a Church Endorsement
  • Background Check

Note: Students pursuing this program should visit PTS's website to verify current Master of Divinity admission requirements.


Suggested Westminster 4-Year Schedule

The following schedule is for Individual Interdisciplinary majors built around the Interfaith Studies minor. However, as the 3+3 program is open to students with any major, the curriculum can be adapted to meet other major requirements with consent of the academic advisor and the Pre-Ministry advisor. Students must successfully earn 95 or more semester hours at Westminster prior to matriculating in the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s Master of Divinity program. Thirty hours of credit from the divinity program will be accepted in reverse transfer, thereby completing the 125 hours required for graduation at Westminster. First-Year Program (FYP) courses, Intellectual Perspectives (IP) courses, the Cluster Course (CC), which are Westminster graduation requirements, are indicated in italics.

First Year (Fall)
First Year (Spring)
Introduction to Religion in the World (IFS 170; RP IP)
Cultural Anthropology (SOC 105; HC IP)
Introduction to the Liberal Arts (INQ 111; FYP)
Speech or Writing (SPE 111 or WRI 111; FYP)
Westminster 101 (WST 101; FYP)
History of Religion in Russia (IFS 162)
Scientific Discovery Elective (SD IP)
Quantitative Reasoning Elective (QR IP)
Speech or Writing (SPE 111 or WRI 111; FYP)

Sophomore Year (Fall)
Sophomore Year (Spring)
Religion in the Western World (IFS 171)
Religion in America (IFS 174)
Cluster Course Elective (CC)
Cluster Course Elective (CC)
Religion and Art (IFS 176; VP IP)
Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101; ST IP)
English Literature Elective (ENG ---)
Foreign Language at 201-level (FL IP)

Junior Year (Fall)
Junior Year (Spring)
Religions from India (IFS 172)
Religion and Society (SOC 303)
Interdisciplinary Capstone
Elective Course
Understanding the Bible (IFS 100)
Religion in China (IFS 173)
Internship (IFS 590)
Elective Course


For More Information

Please contact Dr. Timothy Grieve-Carlson.

Timothy R. Grieve-Carlson

Assistant Professor
Timothy R. Grieve-Carlson