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The Law Professions Advisory Committee (LAWPAC)


The Law Professions Advisory Committee (LAWPAC) at Westminster College aims to provide students interested in a legal career with information and advising to help them make the best choices possible. Under the direction of LAWPAC, the Pre-Law Advisor works to provide each student with a variety of opportunities to explore the different careers possible in the law, to prepare for and succeed in the law school application process, to gain access to the greatest possible amount of information on law schools, and to make the best choice of school and career in light of his/her interests and abilities.

Over the years, Westminster students have had a great deal of success in gaining acceptance in law school. Traditionally, many Westminster graduates have chosen the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Dickinson, and Case Western Reserve Law Schools. In addition, in recent years Westminster graduates have been admitted to and/or attended a wide variety of other nationally-ranked and prestigious law schools, such as Georgetown University, Washington and Lee University, Boston University, George Washington University, William and Mary, The Ohio State University, Southern Methodist University, and Villanova University, among others. By providing students with a firm, well-rounded liberal arts education, Westminster College provides the foundations necessary for success in law school and the legal profession.