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Bachelor’s Degree + Law Degree


Westminster College and Widener University Commonwealth Law School

This Agreement is designed for highly qualified and motivated Westminster students who are interested in combining their undergraduate education with a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and having a seamless transition from their undergraduate program to law school. These students will have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree and JD in six years, saving them time and money.

The 3+3 program is available to qualified students with any major. Students must provide written notification of their intent to participate in the Program to the Pre-Law advisor and their academic advisor no later than December 15 of their sophomore year. This notification must include a plan that demonstrates how they will complete all general education and major requirements by the end of their junior year.


Admission Requirements

Students in the 3+3 Program must complete satisfactorily complete the following criteria at Westminster:

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 at all times, including after qualifying for the Program
  • Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) no later than February of their junior year (and are encouraged to take it earlier if possible)
  • Apply to Widener no later than April 1 of their junior year.
    • Applications received after April 1st will be considered but admission is not guaranteed.

Students who have achieved a Westminster GPA of 3.0 or higher, earned an LSAT score at or above the median for Widener’s prior year entering class, and have no disqualifying character and fitness issues are guaranteed admission to Widener, subject to the provisions of this agreement.

If a Westminster student fails to meet these requirements, that student may still apply to Widener after completing all the requirements of the Bachelor’s degree.