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Pre-Med Programs

Bachelor's Degree + Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (4+4)


Westminster College and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Students in this 4+4 Medical School Affiliate Program earn their bachelor's degree from Westminster, then move on to earn a D.O. degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). Eligible students can enter the PCOM 4+4 program at any time through their first two years at Westminster. PCOM will accept three (3) Westminster affiliation students per year/class.

Please note: SAT or ACT test scores might be required for your application to PCOM, though they are not required for your application to Westminster College.


Admission Requirements for the D.O. Program at PCOM

Students must satisfactorily complete the following criteria at Westminster, prior to enrollment at PCOM:

  • Earn a 3.25 cumulative overall GPA and a 3.25 science-course-only cumulative GPA through the end of the junior year
  • Take the following pre-requisite courses (minimum undergraduate requirements):
    • 16 Semester Credit Hours Chemistry including four labs. At least 4 of the 16 required hours must be organic chemistry with lab; at least 3 of the 16 required hours must be Biochemistry
    • 8 Semester Credit Hours Biology including two labs
    • 8 Semester Credit Hours Physics including two labs
    • 6 Semester Credit Hours of English composition and literature

Students participating in the PCOM 4+4 Program are expected to develop a robust education in the humanities and social sciences and to demonstrate promise as an excellent osteopathic physician. Regular meetings with the Health Professions Advisor will keep you informed and on track. A recommendation of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee (MedPAC) must also be earned.


The Application Process

  • Take the MCAT by fall of senior year and score at least a 504 composite and at least 126 on each section
  • Apply to PCOM through AACOMAS by November 30 of senior year
  • Interview formally at PCOM


For More Information

Please contact the Health Professions Advisor, Dr. Joshua Corrette-Bennett.

Joshua C. Corrette-Bennett

Associate Professor of Biology/MedPAC Coordinator
Joshua C. Corrette-Bennett