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Department of Biochemistry & Chemistry

Research & Internship Opportunities


Research & Internships

As a chemistry or biochemistry major, it is important to gain additional experience in the laboratory through independent research or internships. The following provide ideas and opportunities for expanding your educational experience.


On Campus Opportunities

Research with Faculty Members

Many faculty members in the Department of Chemistry work with research students as early as their second semester. Students who pursue research at Westminster gain valuable laboratory and time management skills. Ask any faculty member about opportunities to work in their research group.


Science in Motion and Sustainability in Motion Internships

Both of these outreach programs are developed through the interaction of faculty members, staff and students working together to create educational materials. For involvement in these programs, contact their directors: Dr. Timothy Sherwood for Science in Motion or Dr. Helen Boylan for Sustainability in Motion.


Laboratory Assistants

Up to ten students each year are employed through the chemistry department (or work-study) to prepare reagents for laboratory courses. These students are under the direction of Lori Micsky, the laboratory hygiene officer. Contact Lori Micsky for more information about this work opportunity.


Off Campus Opportunities

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU programs)

One of the best ways to develop research skills and stimulate your intellectual curiosity is to work as an undergraduate researcher during the summers of your college years. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has a very active and reputable Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in which students get paid for performing research at a variety of universities across the U.S.


International Research Experience for Undergraduates (IREU)

The American Chemical Society IREU program provides the opportunity for undergraduates to pursue research at universities in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Students work for 10 weeks and earn a stipend to help with living expenses. This program is also funded through the National Science Foundation.


Find an Internship at the Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement

Westminster College's Office of Professional Development & Community Engagement has many internship opportunities available to our majors. Visit their website or stop by the center to find an internship that suites your interests.


Internships for Undergraduate Chemistry Students

The American Chemical Society has a database of interships for undergraduate chemistry students. These are sorted by city, state, and organiziation.