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Department of Nursing

RN to BSN Completion Program Spring 2023


Transfer Credits

Non-nursing college courses: 21-24 credits

Nursing courses: 48 credits

Total: 69-72 credits


Program Schedule

Semester 1: Spring 2023 12 credits

NUR 370: Informatics

NUR 371: Pharmacology

SCI 180: Nutrition

Semester 2: Summer 2023 12 credits

NUR 372: Women’s Health

NUR 373: Gerontology

NUR 374: Health Policy

Semester 3: Fall 2023 12 credits

NUR 401: Community Nursing

HIS 228: Diseases in U.S. History

NUR 402: Nursing Research

Semester 4: Spring 2024 12 credits

NUR 375: Pathophysiology I

NUR 403*: Advanced Assessment

NUR 601*: Capstone

Semester 5: Summer 2024 12 credits

NUR 376: Pathophysiology II

NUR 404: Care of the Vulnerable

NUR 405: Leadership


Program Details

Program= 60 credits +minimum of 69 credits from UPMC School of Nursing 129 credits

NOTE: A minimum of 125 credits is required for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree completion

*Courses included required practice experience hours with a preceptor

All courses are offered online/asynchronous. Students are highly encouraged to participate in a beginning, middle and end of semester Zoom meeting with the professor and cohort peers. The Zoom meetings will be offered more than one time a day to accommodate shift schedules.

Semesters are offered with at least 12 credits to support grant, tuition assistance, and loan eligibility.

Students completing the program in summer of 2024 are encouraged to attend commencement in spring 2025.