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Department of Nursing

Nursing FAQ's


Year 1

  • Pre-Nursing Major at Westminster College
  • Take both Liberal Arts and Pre-Nursing courses
  • Take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Exam and complete application for UPMC Jameson School of Nursing

Year 2

  • Nursing Major at Westminster College (take 1-2 courses on campus)
  • Nursing classes and clinicals at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing

Year 3

  • Nursing Major at Westminster College (take 1-2 courses on campus)
  • After successful completion of classes and clinical, the student graduates from UPMC Jameson School of Nursing and is eligible to take the NCLEX-RN (National Council for Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses)

Year 4

  • Active RN Licensure is required
  • Successfully complete 2 semesters of upper-level nursing courses to graduate from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree

The Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) TEAS exam is a standardized, online, multiple-choice exam for students applying to many nursing schools in the United States. The TEAS cost is approximately $100.00 and can be taken up to three times in a calendar year. The TEAS is offered at Westminster College and UPMC Jameson School of Nursing. A minimum score of 62% or greater is required to apply to UPMC Jameson School of Nursing. Additional TEAS preparation resources can be purchased on the ATI website. All students applying to UPMC Jameson School of Nursing must complete an application. Prior to beginning class and clinical, all students are required to complete a health examination, background clearances, and take a Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR class. More information is provided by UPMC Jameson School of Nursing after acceptance to the program.

A nursing student is required to complete background clearances prior to beginning clinical experiences at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing and prior to being approved to take the Nursing Boards (called the NCLEX-RN). Depending on the severity of the charge, a student may not be able to begin classes at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing or take the NCLEX-RN unless the charge has been expunged from the student’s criminal record or a minimum number of years has passed. More information is available by contacting UPMC Jameson School of Nursing.

Completing a minor at the College often requires an additional 5-6 courses. A nursing student with transfer credits or a student who needs to repeat a semester or year in the nursing plan may be able to select and complete a minor prior to graduation.

Go to the Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook at and research the job predictions and role of a Registered Nurse (RN). Job shadowing or interviewing an RN is highly recommended before beginning the program. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) locations around Westminster College offer RN shadow opportunities.

The FAFSA (for Westminster College) is completed for all loans, grants, and scholarships. In each year, the Collaborative Nursing Plan student should only complete a FAFSA for Westminster College. All tuition is paid through Westminster College. As to filing a FAFSA, please contact the College’s Financial Aid Department at 724-946-7102.

100% of the nursing students have their own car or carpool with a fellow nursing student. All 100-300 level nursing classes are held at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing, which is located seven miles from the College. Depending on the semester, students have the opportunity to participate in clinical experiences at several UPMC locations. UPMC Jameson Hospital is located eight miles from the College. UPMC Horizon Shenango Valley Hospital is 20 miles from the College. UPMC Horizon Greenville Hospital is 25 miles from the College. Clinical experiences at UPMC hospitals in Pittsburgh may also be scheduled.

The School of Nursing website is Prospective students and families can learn more about the program’s NCLEX-RN pass rate, job placement rates, and how to schedule a tour by visiting this website.

In order for credits to transfer to Westminster College, an official transcript must be sent from the college or university where the classes were taken to the Westminster College Registrar Office at 319 South Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16172, or The Registrar Office will evaluate the credits to determine which classes will be accepted for transfer credit. For AP courses, a minimum score is required and varies by the course topic. For questions, please contact the College’s Registrar Office at 724-946-7136.

As safe medication dosage calculation is an essential role of a nurse, any course that helps with math competency is valuable. Within the UPMC Jameson School of Nursing Program, a student must pass two separate calculation and dosage exams to continue in the program. An algebra course in high school is required by UPMC Jameson School of Nursing.

A student interested in Nursing needs at least two high school science courses with labs. It is highly recommended that the high school specifically list the science courses on the transcript as "with lab." Any Biology courses, particularly Anatomy and Physiology in high school will be beneficial for pre-nursing students.

With the proper discipline and balance between athletics and academics, a pre-nursing and nursing major student can be very successful. A student athlete needs to get adequate rest, maintain their physical health, and stay organized to balance the requirements of being a nursing student and an athletic team member. The student is responsible for maintaining regular communication with coaching staff and professors to minimize conflicts. Attendance at nursing clinical experiences are mandatory, and the student can only miss a certain number of those days per semester. Per UPMC Schools of Nursing policy and for student and patient safety, students with injuries that require a cast, crutches, or a brace may not be permitted to attend clinical experiences in the hospital setting.

For Cohort 1, 11 students began the RN-BSN Program in Fall 2020. Of these students, 10/11 (91%) of those students were able to complete the program and graduate in May 2021.

For Cohort 2, 24 students began the RN-BSN Program in Fall 2021. Of those students, 21/24 (87%) of those students were able to complete the program and graduate in May 2022.

Registered Nurses are in high-demand at this time. Over the past three years, UPMC has offered all of our Nursing students either Graduate Nurse or Registered Nurse positions. UPMC is a vast healthcare system with many locations where students may have the opportunity to work.

For Cohort 1 (May 2021 graduation), 9/10 (90%) were employed as an RN at the time of graduation or within 3 months after.

For Cohort 2 (May 2022 graduation) 19/21 (90%) were employed as an RN at the time of graduation or within 3 months after. Over the past two years, UPMC is the largest employer of RN-BSN Program graduates from Westminster College.

To become a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP), a student must complete a Bachelor's degree in nursing then apply to a Master's degree program with a CRNP track. There are many of these programs around Pittsburgh including Duquesne, Pitt, and Carlow. CRNPs are one of the most "in demand" roles within nursing, and the job growth is fantastic. For more information, see the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( Many CRNP programs require that an RN have worked at least 2 years before acceptance into the program.

  Occupational Outlook Handbook – CRNPs

No. A nurse must be licensed in the state that the nurse is working and practicing in. However, once a student passes the NCLEX-RN, a license to practice in another state can be obtained. A nurse only takes the NCLEX-RN exam once. For example, if a student takes the NCLEX-RN in Pennsylvania and passes, the nurse can then obtain a license in another state by completing a reciprocity application (fees do apply). Some states are what is called compact states meaning if you are licensed in that state, it may apply to a "neighboring" state.

  Compact Nursing States List (2022)

  Certification & Licensure by State & Territory