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Department of Philosophy & Religion


About the Department

Philosophy is the oldest academic discipline and one of the most popular course offerings at Westminster College. Philosophy majors at Westminster engage a curriculum intentionally designed to give them both broad exposure to the philosophical “greats” and a set of critical-thinking and analytical skills that set them up for life. This rare combination—a broad knowledge base and essential analytical skills—is fostered in a small, intimate environment where professors and students work closely together to explore topics of interest to students and society at large. Philosophy at Westminster produces graduates who succeed after graduation in the widest range of careers because the program is designed to make Philosophy real and relevant to the lives and careers of our graduates.

Religious Studies at Westminster College has been one of the most respected and enduring traditions in the history of the College, with a faculty of world-class scholars and leaders in the Church for generations. Our Interfaith Studies minor uniquely combines an academic study of religion in a global and ecumenical context with a strong preparation in the history and beliefs of Christianity—all in the small, engaging atmosphere of a selective liberal-arts college. The program prepares graduates to continue their study of religion as an academic field and at seminary, or to enter a range of careers that draw on the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills and global perspectives that the Religion program offers.




Experiences & Opportunities

At Westminster, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. In each of our 50+ majors and pre-professional programs, your education will be enhanced by the purposeful combination of expert classroom instruction and hands-on learning opportunities. Internships, undergraduate research and studying abroad are just a few of the real experiences our students get that lead to real success after graduation.

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Faculty & Academic Staff

Teachers, researchers, experts, mentors...our faculty members are all these things and more to their students. They trained in universities around the globe, but they chose to teach and conduct research at Westminster because of the focus on student development and success. Their dedication to mentoring and teaching is evident in our students’ success when it comes to graduation rates, post-graduation employment and graduate and professional school acceptance.

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