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Department of Modern Languages

Foreign Language Placement


At Westminster, Foreign Language is one of seven broad areas of study we call Intellectual Perspectives (IPs). IPs are the portion of Westminster’s curriculum designed to assure that all students are familiar with a broad range of subjects.

A language course at the 201 level must be taken to fulfill the foreign language intellectual perspective (FL IP). Students who continue a language they have studied in high school can use the following guidelines to determine which course may be an appropriate point of entry.

Westminster Language Course
Course Title
Fulfill FL IP?
Number of years of high school language
Elementary I
One year or less of the language in high school
Elementary II
2 years of the language in high school (see also 201)
Intermediate I
2-3 years of the language in high school (see also 102)
202 or higher
Intermediate II
4 or more years of the language in high school


For more information, please contact the Chair of Modern Languages.

Joel T. Postema

Joel T. Postema

Associate Professor/Chair