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Department of History

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As a History major at Westminster College, you will learn to read critically, analyze systematically, communicate effectively, write convincingly, work collaboratively, and think globally about the past. The curriculum emphasizes the intellectual value that arises from studying the past, as knowledge of history is important to understanding the current world and navigating the future.

You will also have a variety of opportunities for internships and independent studies. The combination of coursework and external opportunites are one of the many reasons that in a recent survey of History program alumni 85.54% of History program alumni, 85.54% reported that they have advanced in their personal or professional lives due, at least in part, to their Westminster education.

An education in history is excellent preparation for a variety of careers and a life well lived. Students specifically interested in History as a path to a career in law could also apply to start law school at the end of their junior year through one of our Bachelor’s Degree Plus Programs.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses

 7-12 Grade Teacher Certification (Social Studies)



Interdisciplinary Programs


International Studies

International Studies program was designed for students interested in languages, travel, culture, and politics. As a major, you will take a designated core of courses in International Studies and modern languages, and then build on that foundation by selecting one of three concentrations of designated and elective courses.

The concentrations are Cultural Studies, International Politics, or Peace and Justice Studies. Students who select the Cultural Studies concentration can choose coursework to focus on either History or Modern Languages. All international studies majors also participate in an approved study abroad experience.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Peace Studies (Minor or Concentration)

The Peace Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic program designed to prepare students for the challenge of living in an increasingly diverse and global community. Recent uncertainties about the nature of world security make this an especially opportune time for Peace Studies. In addition to understanding conflict and its resolution, coursework emphasizes global awareness, multiculturalism, public policy, ethics, and human rights. You can tailor your course selections to meet post-graduation goals, which will enhance your ability to secure jobs in an increasingly global economy and multicultural society. Through service learning at the local, national, or international level, you will translate your competencies into action.

If your academic plan does not have sufficient flexiblity to complete the courses required for a minor, you may choose to complete a concentration in Peace Studies, which requires fewer courses. You can also pursue a major in Peace Studies through our Interdisciplinary Major.

 Minor Requirements & Courses

 Concentration Requirements & Courses


Pre-Law Program (Pre-Professional Program)

Westminster has great success in placing students into law school. Rather than a narrow "pre-law" major, which most law schools and employers discourage, as a pre-law student at Westminster, you will choose a major that excites your interests and challenges your mind. The liberal studies requirements and available electives provide the breadth and depth of coursework throughout the liberal arts curriculum that are central to success in law school and the legal profession. Further, the faculty who advise the Pre-Law Program provide information and advice on career opportunities in law and law-related fields, help with internship choices, and assist in your preparation for admission to law schools.

Many of our pre-law students pursue a Legal Studies minor. You may also apply to participate in one of Westminster's two Bachelor's Degree Plus Programs, which allow students to begin law school at the end of their junior year, saving a year of tuition.

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Environmental Studies

With this flexible interdisciplinary major, students combine environmental studies coursework with a second discipline of their choice to work on problems of the environment. For example, you could combine environmental studies with History as preparation for a career in environmental policy or environmental law. Students interested in environmental law could also apply to start law school at the end of their junior year through one of our Bachelor’s Degree Plus Programs.

As an Environmental Studies major, you will benefit from hands-on, collaborative learning and partner with local and regional environmental organizations and businesses to work on real-world environmental problems. A required internship and team-based capstone gives our students the skills for success in careers and graduate school. As a bonus, we get to study the environment on our expansive and diverse 300-acre campus.

 Major Requirements & Courses

 Minor Requirements & Courses


Individual Interdisciplinary Major

The individual interdisciplinary major allows students to design their own majors. Students identify a core of course work in one program of study (major or minor), and then add coursework from other disciplines to craft an educational experience as unique as their ambitions.

Recent real-life examples of Individual Interdisciplinary majors include:

  • Environmental Science Project Management (Environmental Science and Business)
  • Scientific Illustration (Fine Art and Biology)
  • Film & Media Relations (Film Studies and Communication)

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Bachelor's Degree Plus Programs


Bachelor's Degree + Law Degree (3+3 Programs)

In addition to having access to our robust 4-year Pre-Law Program, students interested in law could start law school at the end of their junior year through our partnerships with Widener University Commonwealth Law School and Duquesne University School of Law. Through these partnership, eligible students earn both a bachelor's degree and a juris doctor (J.D.) degree in just six years, saving time and money.

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Bachelor’s Degree + MBA (4+1 Program)

As a Westminster undergraduate student, you can get a headstart on your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree by beginning your master's coursework during the second semester of your senior year.

Available to qualifying Westminster students with any major, our MBA program emphasizes real-world business issues integrating communication, accounting, finance, marketing, law, ethics, operations management and human resources in order to prepare you to thoughtfully and ethically lead in public and private sector organizations. The program offers students the choice of four concentrations: Management, Business and Data Analytics, Healthcare Management, or Sustainability (Green MBA).

For more information, contact the Chair of the School of Business, Dr. Robert Badowski,


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