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Foster Art Gallery



Fall 2021

Expanding Lines: Juried Fiberarts Exhibition

Install: August 12–16 or earlier
Exhibition Dates:
Facebook Live
Zoom Artist Talks: September 22, 6–7pm

Artists whose work is included in the exhibition are

  • Mary Lou Alexander (Youngstown),
  • Francesca Balderelli (Sharon),
  • Deb Berkebile (Conneaut),
  • Linda Damiani (Bay Villiage),
  • Sarah Detweiler (Green Bay),
  • Lydia Flowers (Warren),
  • Rosalind Kvet (Cleveland),
  • JoAnn Giordano (Cleveland),
  • Heather Seno (Youngstown),
  • Sandy Shelenberger (Conneaut),
  • Christine Buckton Tillman (Baltimore),
  • Jennifer Whitten (Cleveland),
  • Martha Young (Cleveland), and
  • Angie Zielinski (Tucson).

Our Westminster friends and colleagues whose work is included in the exhibition are

  • Melissa Baron,
  • Chessa Caylor,
  • Sue Cosgrove,
  • Kandice Hartner,
  • Kristin Park,
  • Pam Richardson,
  • Jessica Sarver,
  • Molly Spinney,
  • Terry Seltzer, and
  • Sandra Webster.



Brilliant: Exhibition of LGBTQ+ artists

Guest Curators: Heather Seno and Steph Blair of Art House on Elm (working with SAGA)

Work to arrive no later than October 1
Install: Weekend of October 9–10 or week prior
Exhibition Dates: October 11 – December 10
Reception: October 13, 6–7pm
Deinstallation: December 10 (evening) – December 17

Artists represented in Brilliant include Elijah Davis, Amelia Voos, Steph Blair, Heather Seno, Malorie Martin, Salsi Salama, Kristie Gearhart, John Noga, and Tony Amrich.


Spring 2022

Remnants of the Wild

Guest Curator: John Petruzzi (working with Pre-Vet society)

Install: January 10–17
Exhibition Dates: January 18 – February 18
Deinstallation: February 18 (evening) – February 19

Artists represented in Remnants of the Wild include Arielle Pilloli Lisa McLaughlin, Jim Steere, Ryan Wasilko, George Lorio, John Guy Petruzzi, Bracks Collective (Bree Rice, Rachel Keeney, Alexa Frankovitch, Cassie Rupert, Kandice Hartner, and Sarah Huth).


Still Life and Mycology Senior Capstone Exhibition

Jacob Merkel and Lindsey Rutledge

Install: February 19–20
Spring Break: March 12–20
Exhibition Dates: February 21 – April 1
Deinstallation: April 1 (evening) – April 3


Spring Student Art Exhibition

Install: April 4–8
Exhibition Dates: April 11 – May 6
Deinstallation: May 6 (evening) – May 11

This exhibition features student work made within art courses during the 2021-2022 academic year. There are examples from Foundation Drawing, Drawing Explorations, Waterbased Painting, Oil Painting, Basic Studio Art 3D, Creative Photography: from Sun to Pixel, Fiberarts, Environmental Studio Cluster: Sculpture and Science, and Handbuilding Ceramics.