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Foster Art Gallery



Fall 2019

New Perspectives in Painting

John Guy Petruzzi and Paige Stewart

Install: August 12–16 or earlier
Exhibition Dates: August 28 – October 13
Exhibition Dates: August 26 – October 13 (October 11–13, Homecoming Weekend)
Reception: September 5
Deinstallation: October 12–14

 John Petruzzi Page

 Paige Stewart Page


One More Too Many

Sarah Marshall

Work to arrive no later than October 13
Install: Week of October 14–18
Exhibition Dates: October 21 – December 6
Reception: October 29
Deinstallation: December 7–13

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Spring 2020


Debra DeGregorio

Work to arrive no later than January 3
Install: January 6–8
Exhibition Dates: January 13 – February 14
Deinstallation: February 15–18


Horses from Legend, Folklore, and Mythology Senior Honors Exhibition

Nicole Gardner

Install: February 19–23
Install: February 13–17
Spring Break: March 7–15
Reception: March 1
Deinstallation: March 28–30


Unforeseen Circumstances: Artmaking at a Distance Spring Student Art Exhibition

Install: March 31 – April 3
Exhibition Dates: April 6 – May 1
Deinstallation: May 4–7

There are examples from Art and Nature, Foundation Drawing, Basic Studio Art 3D, Basic Studio Art 2D, Contemporary Crafts, and Handbuilding Ceramics.