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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Westminster students interested in veterinary medicine acquire foundational course preparation, useful resources, information, and personalized advising at Westminster College. Students who plan to attend veterinary school pursue a standard disciplinary or interdisciplinary major, along with challenging electives outside the major. Students often major in major in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or chemistry.

Westminster's curriculum effectively educates through in-depth study, applied use of technology, and experiential learning. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to intern with, volunteer for, or be employed by a veterinarian.

Pre-vet students are advised by The Medical Advisory Committee (Med-Pac). This guidance begins early on so students can make decisions about their academic course of study as it connects to career goals. Med-Pac invites guest speakers, helps with letters of recommendation, and serves as an overall support network for students pursuing health sciences post-degree study. Westminster students have been accepted into veterinary schools at University of Florida, University of Pennsylvania, Virginia Tech University, Purdue University, Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, and Colorado State University.