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Strategic Communication & Social Media

Requirements for the Major

Core Courses:

COM 102 Media Writing
COM 205 Mass Communications
COM 430 Audience Research and Analysis
SCSM 101 Principles, Practices & Theory of Public Relations
SCSM 110 Design Principles and Practices
SCSM 151 Digital Media Essentials or SCSM 251 Single Camera Video
SCSM 230 Digital and Social Strategy
SCSM 301 Applied Social Media
SCSM 402 Strategic Communication Essentials
SCSM 410 Strategic Campaigns
SCSM 590 Internship
SCSM 601 Capstone

Plus, 8 credit hours from the following:

SCSM 112 Digital Movie Making
SCSM 114 Digital Photography
SCSM 200 Social Media Literacy
SCSM 202 Advertising: Approaches and Methods
SCSM 219 Publication Design
SCSM 313 Event Management
SCSM 401 Public Relations Writing

Total Required Semester Hours - 56 SH