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Strategic Communication & Social Media

Course Descriptions

SCSM 101 Prin/Prac Public Relations (ST) (4.00 SH).

SCSM 110 Graphics Design (VP) (4.00 SH).

SCSM 151 Digital Media Essentials (4.00 SH).

SCSM 230 Digital & Social Strategy (4.00 SH).

SCSM 301 Applied Social Media (4.00 SH).

SCSM 402 Strategic Communication Essentials (4.00 SH). This course reviews the key tactics that strategic communication professionals use regularly. Course content includes topics concerning media relations, community and employee relations, crisis communication, and social media. The course requires an understanding of the journalistic writing style. Prerequisites: successful completion of SCSM 101 and COM 102.