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Public Communication & Leadership

Course Descriptions

COM 102 Media Writing (4.00 SH).

COM 205 Mass Communications (HC) (4.00 SH). An introductory analysis of problems, criticisms, and structure of mass media in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on the nature, impact, consequences, and roles of print media, broadcasting, motion pictures, advertising, and auxiliary media. (Also listed as BC 253.) Meets Humanity and Culture Intellectual Perspective requirement (HC).

COM 430 Audience Research & Analysis (4.00 SH). This course discusses the importance of Audience research for planning and evaluating programs of action and communication. The course will focus on research methods used to 1) identify and segment various social groupings (interest groups, stakeholders, coalitions); 2) Ascertain to the impact of the action and information on communication participants; and 3) evaluate the results of such action and communication activity against desired outcomes.

PCL 199 Speech and Deate Team (1.00 SH).

PCL 200 Social Media Literacy (ST) (4.00 SH).

PCL 201 Interpersonal Communication (ST) (4.00 SH).

PCL 202 Group Communication/Leadership (ST) (4.00 SH).

PCL 203 Professional Presentations (4.00 SH).

PCL 207 Business & Professional Leadership (4.00 SH).

PCL 230 Digital & Social Strategy (4.00 SH).

PCL 301 Applied Social Media (4.00 SH).

PCL 303 Sales Communication (4.00 SH). This course adapts sales and persuasion theories through practical sales exercises. Students make actual sales calls as part of class. Sales theories are then adapted to other persuasive opportunities, such as selling your ideas to others in a business setting or selling yourself in a job interview. (Also listed as BC 303).

PCL 320 Strategic Sports Communication (HC) (4.00 SH).

PCL 325 Communication Ethics (ST) (4.00 SH).

PCL 405 Political Communication (4.00 SH).

PCL 410 Advanced Topics (4.00 SH).

PCL 590 Internship (4.00 SH).

PCL 601 Capstone (4.00 SH).

PCL 620 Independent Study (4.00 SH).

PCL 660 Honors Research (4.00 SH).