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Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help clients in activities connected to daily living. Psychologists help their clients adjust to life-changing events. Occupational therapy overlaps with psychology, and so students interested in a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy first earn a degree in Psychology at Westminster College. The College’s innovative psychology department engages in the scientific exploration of how humans and animals act, think, and feel through project-based learning activities. From their first year onward, students participate in individually designed experiments, hands-on work in computerized laboratories, use of professional journals, and practice in communicating results. Students spend 160 internship hours in an occupational therapy setting and have the opportunity to complete an individualized, two-term psychology Capstone research project. Many of the professional skills acquired in this program can be applied to a therapeutic setting. Psychology students have attended Occupational Therapy programs at the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, and Indiana State University.