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Pre-Law Program

The Pre-Law Program is designed to help students make informed decisions regard-ing preparation for law school and a career in the law. Students who plan to attend law school ordinarily pursue a standard disciplinary or interdisciplinary major, along with challenging electives outside the major. The goal is to develop the skills of critical thinking and analysis, clear and persuasive writing, and a broad understanding of human nature and society. The Pre-Law Program provides information and advice on career opportunities in law and law-related fields and assists students in preparing for admission to law schools.

As part of this program, students are offered a variety of experiences, including visits to campus by practicing lawyers and law students, trips to area law schools, workshops on applying to law schools, and an annual trip to the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. The Pre-Law Program is organized by the Law Professions Advisory Committee (Law PAC) which includes faculty from a variety of disciplines. The Westminster Student Pre-Law Society allows students to participate in the planning of programs for Pre-Law students.

Students interested in the Pre-Law Program should contact Dr. James Rhoads, professor of political science and chair of LawPAC.