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Requirements for the Legal Studies Minor

Law and Supporting Courses:

16 semester hours from the following courses (Category I):

BA 230 Business Law
CJS 102 Deviance
CJS 203 Victimology
CJS 204 Police
CJS 205 Criminal Courts
CJS 206 Corrections
CJS 302 The Sociology of Law and Legal Systems
ENG 120 Law Literature and Film
PS 214 The Courts
PS 242 Environmental Policy and Politics
PS 253 Political Science Seminars
PS 321 American Constitutional Law: Government Powers AND PS 322 American Constitution Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
PS 431 International Law and Organization
PSY 275 Forensic Psychology

8 semester hours from the following courses (Category II):

ACC 201, 202 Principles of Accounting I and II
ECO 150 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 152 Principles of Macroeconomics
HIS 105 America to 1877
HIS 106 America since 1865
PHI 101 Problems of Philosophy
PHI 102 Practical Logic
PHI 135 Ancient Greek Justice
PS 102 American National Government
PS 103 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PS 221 American Political Thought
REL 201 God and Moses in Torah

OR LAW 590 Law Internship (4 semester hours), which can substitute for any 4 hour course in either category.