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Students can prepare for law school and careers in the law by developing writing and speaking skills in critical thinking, analysis, and persuasion. Rather than a narrow "pre-law" major, which most law schools and employers discourage, pre-law students at Westminster College choose a major that excites their interests and challenges their minds. The liberal studies requirements and available electives provide students with the breadth and depth of coursework throughout the liberal arts curriculum that are central to success in law school and the legal profession. The aim of the pre-law program is to provide students with the best possible advice and information available concerning law school and the options available in the legal professions. Students are introduced to a variety of legal careers, are helped with internship choices, and are assisted in preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and the law school application process. The program is run by Law PAC, a group of faculty and administrators founded in 1986. Westminster has great success in placing students into law school.