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International Studies

Requirements for the Peace and Justice Studies Concentration

International Studies Requirements:

GEO 101 World Geography
IS 101 Introduction to International Studies
PS 104 Introduction to International Relations

Plus, one of the following sequences:

FR 202 or SPA 202 Intermediate French/Spanish II
FR 301 or SPA 301 Advanced Conversation and Composition
FR 302 or SPA 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition II


36 semester hours, comprised of the following:

PAX 301 Advanced Peace Studies Seminar
SOC 350 Social Theory
SOC 601 Sociology Capstone

One of the following:

SSC 251 Research Methods for Social Science
SSC 252 Data Analysis for Social Science

Plus, 20 semester hours selected from the following, with no more than 8 hours at the 100-level. At least 8 semester hours must be taken from CJS, PSY, and/or SOC:

CJS 202 Criminology (4)
CJS 206 Corrections (2)
CJS 207 The Death Penalty (2)
CJS 302 The Sociology of Law and Legal Systems (4)
ES 160 Concepts of Environmental Science (4)
HIS 102 History of Civilization to 1715 (4)
HIS 223 African-American History (4)
HIS 246 20th Century Europe (4)
HIS 252 Modern Russia (4)
HIS 272 Latin America from 1825 (4)
HIS 282 Africa since 1800 (4)
HIS 308 Cold War (4)
HIS 310 Slavery in America (4)
HIS 311 South Africa (4)
IFS 170 Basic Introduction to Religion in the World (4)
IFS 171 Religion in the Western World (4)
IFS 172 Religions from India (4)
IFS 173 Religion in China (4)
PHI 230 Environmental Ethics (4)
PS 204 Model United Nations (1)
PS 222 Political Ideologies (4)
PS 232 European Politics (4)
PS 233 Politics in Developing Countries (4)
PS 235 African Politics (4)
PS 236 Russian Politics (4)
PS 254 (or 255) Sem. in Comparative (or International) Politics (4)
PS 331 Geopolitics (4)
PS 332 US Foreign Policy (4)
PS 431 International Law and Organization (4)
PSY 213 Psychology of Prejudice (4)
PSY 235 Psychology of Women (4)
SOC 105 Cultural Anthropology (4)
SOC 209 Minority-Majority Relations (4)
SOC 215 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective (4)
SOC 241 Sociology of Violence and Nonviolence (4)
SOC 260 Food Culture and Society (4)
SOC 590 Field Experience/Internship (1-4)

Foreign language requirements in the International Studies program may be met through advanced language coursework, taken as part of the approved Study Abroad or off-campus experience, in languages other than those offered by Westminster College.

The main discipline(s) in a particular concentration cannot be combined with those majors that comprise that concentration. The following combinations are not allowed:

  1. International politics concentration cannot be combined with a political science major
  2. Global development concentration cannot be combined with history or sociology majors
  3. Cultural studies concentration cannot be combined with history or mod-ern language majors

International studies majors may minor in the main discipline(s) which comprise(s) that concentration, but no more than two courses may count towards both the international studies major and disciplinary minor.

EXAMPLE: An international studies major with an international politics concentration may also minor in political science. However, he or she may not use more than two international studies courses towards the political science minor.

There are no restrictions on double counting courses for double majors beyond the College-wide requirement of taking two capstones.


What can you do with an International Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an ambassador, cultural anthropologist, ESL teacher, international salesperson, international intelligence analyst, international news reporter, or transportation specialist.