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Pre-Dental Program

Students interested in careers in dentistry and other health sciences (medicine, optometry, podiatry, physician assistant, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, and others) can effectively work toward their goals at Westminster College.

In completing a B.S. from Westminster that includes the recommended courses listed below, students will satisfy the requirements for admission to most dental programs in the United States. This option allows students to spend four years at Westminster and then to apply to programs at a number of different universities.

Further information is available from the chair of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee, Dr. Marosh Furimsky (Department of Biology).

Recommended courses:

BIO 201 Cell Biology & Genetics
BIO 202 Evolution, Form & Function
BIO 203 Biodiversity & Ecology
BIO 206 Biostatistics
BIO 301 Microbiology
BIO 303 Molecular Genetics & Heredity
BIO 304 Developmental Biology
BIO 334 Physiology
BIO 601 & 602 Capstone
CHE 117 General Chemistry
CHE 180 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 262 Organic Chemistry II
PHY 141 Foundations of Physics I OR PHY 151 Principles of Physics I
PHY 142 Foundations of Physics II OR PHY 152 Principles of Physics II
MTH 150 Calculus