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Creative Media Production

Course Descriptions

Creative Media Production Courses

CMP 101 Radio and TV Fundamentals (4.00 SH).

CMP 110 Graphics Design (VP) (4.00 SH).

CMP 112 Digital Movie Making (4.00 SH).

CMP 114 Digital Photography (VP) (4.00 SH).

CMP 199 Experimental Course (4.00 SH).

CMP 219 Publication Design (4.00 SH). This course develops skills and advanced knowledge of design for print and publication. The emphasis of this course is to create layouts for different types of media including newspaper, magazine, multi-page publications, and advanced layouts for consumer use. Students will gain an understanding in digital publication design, in addition the challenges of physically printing their designs. Presentations and discussions will further advance design terminology and study the ways consumers view marketing materials through peer review and outside critique. This course will utilize Adobe® InDesign® and Illustrator® software applications. Prerequisite: CMP 110, Graphics Design.

CMP 247 Advanced Design & Advertising (4.00 SH).

CMP 251 Single Camera Video Production (4.00 SH).

CMP 260 Typography (4.00 SH).

CMP 301 Applied Socia Media (4.00 SH).

CMP 310 Digital Video & Cinema (4.00 SH).

CMP 325 Communication Ethics (4.00 SH).

CMP 340 Corporate Identity & Branding (4.00 SH).

CMP 350 2D Animation (4.00 SH).

CMP 590 Internship (4.00 SH).

CMP 601 Capstone (4.00 SH).


Supporting Courses

COM 102 Media Writing (4.00 SH).

COM 205 Mass Communications (HC) (4.00 SH). An introductory analysis of problems, criticisms, and structure of mass media in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on the nature, impact, consequences, and roles of print media, broadcasting, motion pictures, advertising, and auxiliary media. (Also listed as BC 253.) Meets Humanity and Culture Intellectual Perspective requirement (HC).

COM 430 Audience Research & Analysis (4.00 SH). This course discusses the importance of Audience research for planning and evaluating programs of action and communication. The course will focus on research methods used to 1) identify and segment various social groupings (interest groups, stakeholders, coalitions); 2) Ascertain to the impact of the action and information on communication participants; and 3) evaluate the results of such action and communication activity against desired outcomes.

FS 356 Screenwriting (4.00 SH).