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Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certification

Students seeking secondary education teacher certification in chemsitry or general science with a major in chemistry must take the following courses and complete all of the requirements for a minor in Secondary Education.

Chemistry and Required Supporting Courses:

CHE 117 Principles of Chemistry
CHE 180 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 230 Chemical Analysis
CHE 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 330 Elements of Physical Chemistry
CHE 335 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHE 351, 352 Advanced Laboratory
CHE 380 Principles of Biochemistry
CHE 600 Senior Project OR CHE 660 All-College Honors Program
CHE 601 Chemistry Capstone I
CHE 602 Chemistry Capstone II

And two one of the two following calculus sequences:

MTH 150 Calculus I AND MTH 152 Calculus II
MTH 152 Calculus II AND MTH 250 Calculus III

And ten semester hours from the following courses:

CHE 262 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 332 Physical Chemistry in Depth
CHE 340 Instrumental Analysis
CHE 375 Green Chemistry
CHE 382 Metabolic Biochemistry
CHE 385 Biochemistry Laboratory
CHE 391 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 590-594 Field Experience/Internship
CHE 610, 611 Advanced Topics
CHE 620-624 Independent Study
MTH 250 Calculus III
PHY 221 Electronics


What can you do with a Chemistry degree?

Imagine yourself a professional chemist, forensic scientist, high school chemistry teacher, or pre-chemical engineering student.