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Chemistry majors explore, experiment, and learn about chemical properties through classroom instruction and laboratory analysis. At Westminster College the first two years introduce students to the four basic types of chemistry—analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical—so they can make informed decisions about summer internships, research projects, and career goals. Juniors participate in unique laboratory experiences where instead of a standard “cookbook” experiment, they investigate and discover individually and in teams, proposing solutions to chemical problems and presenting results. Along with this experimentation, students and faculty meet weekly in an engaging seminar series to socialize and discuss ideas and issues in the field. In seminar, students develop, practice, and polish professional skills in an environment that prepares them for real-world chemistry careers. Seniors conduct a Capstone experiment, playing off of previous investigations, and write a thesis, which they present regionally or nationally. This American Chemical Society-accredited course of study creates independent thinkers and collaborative researchers.


What can you do with a Chemistry degree?

Imagine yourself a professional chemist, forensic scientist, high school chemistry teacher, or pre-chemical engineering student.