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School Superintendent (Letter of Eligibility)

The School Superintendent Letter of Eligibility certifies the holder to be a school superintendent, intermediate unit executive director, and curriculum director, while also holding other positions of school leadership.

The School Superintendent Program is designed to develop those competencies for a school superintendent that will enable him or her to work with other professional personnel in designing and carrying out effective programs in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. These competencies are further developed under program approval guidelines that describe the role of the superintendent of schools in the following general areas:

  • as an advocate for elementary, middle, and secondary education
  • as an educational leader
  • as an educational supervisor
  • as a coordinator of relations among community and professional staff
  • and as an executive manager.

School Superintendent Program studies are centered around research-oriented discussions, class and online activities, field experiences, personal study, and written work. Instructional certification and experience is a prerequisite.

The Superintendent Program meets School Superintendent certification requirements in Pennsylvania and is designed to meet Ohio Superintendent licensure requirements. The educational leadership programs were developed in accordance with the standards of the National Associations of Elementary and Secondary Principals and the American Association of School Administrators.

Requirements for School Superintendent Certification:

The School Superintendent certification from Westminster requires successful completion of:

  • Master's degree
  • Valid K–12 School principal or supervisor certification
  • at least 5 years experience as school leadership position

Additional coursework may be required of those who do not have a master's degree, the requisite certification, or other necessary competencies.

Program Requirements:

The School Superintendent certification at Westminster requires successful completion of:

Westminster's School Superintendent Program meets certification requirements in Pennsylvania.  The program is designed to meet Ohio superintendent licensure requirements, but licensure is subject to changing Ohio standards, Ohio Department of Education ODE transcript analysis, and testing requirements.  In some cases, additional coursework may be required to meet Ohio state standards.

For more detailed information on the School Superintendent Program, including individual course requirements, consult the School Superintendent Program Handbook.