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Master of Education

The purpose of the Master of Education Program is to increase professional teachers' competencies. Through participation in learning activities that are based upon current research, Westminster’s education degree courses are taught to develop the spirit of scientific inquiry, stimulate original and independent thought, and identify and respond to major educational issues.

The requirements of the Master of Education Program are flexible and allow for individual selection of courses based upon an assessment of each student's educational background, interests, and needs.

A plan of study, which includes a four-course area of concentration, should be established before beginning the Professional Specialization phase of the Master of Education Program. Successful completion of the agreed-upon courses in the education program leads to the degree of Master of education.

The student and adviser will examine the student's educational background, interests, and needs, and plan the program accordingly. The aim of the program is to supplement the student's undergraduate preparation and further broaden the student's background in teaching.

  Master of Education Handbook


Requirements for M.ED. (No Certification)

Successful completion of:

  • 10 specified courses (30 semester hours)