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Meet the Beekeeper


Joshua Collins

Hello! My name is Joshua Collins and I'm a recent Westminster Alumni with a degree in Finance from Harrisburg, PA. I was introduced to beekeeping through the Buzzfeed cluster which connects Environmental Science with Digital Media. I originally took the class to fulfill credit and I didn't really plan on enjoying it, but I quickly took a huge interest in it! One of my favorite things about beekeeping is how much there is to learn all the time. You have to constantly piece things together to make sure the hives are operating the way they should. It's also super cool to watch how the bees grow and work together. I would love to have a few hives of my own one day!


Sophia Galietta

Hi! My name is Sophia Galietta and I'm a junior Fine Arts and Psychology double major from Bethel Park, PA. I began beekeeping because I thought it was an interesting and unique opportunity that I might never experience if I didn't take the chance now. I'm so glad that I took the leap, because I have learned so much and created countless memories. Not only does beekeeping take dedication and hard work, I believe that you have to have a passion for nature. Through my time as a beekeeper, I feel as though my love of the outdoors has only grown. When I'm not at the hives, you're most likely to find me outside hammocking with my friends, enjoying the weather!


Hallie Hughes

Hi! My name is Hallie Hughes and I'm a first-year Environmental Science major from Jeanette, PA. I first got into beekeeping by taking the Buzzfeed Cluster Course, and now I'm taking the Apiary Management Course with Dr. Krantz. Beekeeping taught me a valuable lesson in the complexity of insect social structures that usually goes unnoticed. It really helped me appreciate the little things in life more. A fun fact is that through the Buzzfeed Cluster Course, I gained over 600 followers on TikTok! Outside the apiary, you can find me with my sisters in Kappa Delta, reading, drawing, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends from home every weekend! I am a member of the equestrian club as well and take riding lessons once a week.


Nate Kacey

Hello! My name is Nate Kacey and I'm a senior Environmental Science major from Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the time you can find me outside biking, fishing, or riding a board. The Westminster College Apiary kicked off my freshman year, but I didn't take the class until the Spring of 2021. I took the apiary class and really enjoyed it. Later in my college career, I worked at the field station for a summer and had a lot of fun managing the hives with Dr. Krantz. I've heard people say "you can ask five beekeepers the same question and get ten different answers," which is something I've seen to be true but applies to a lot of things in life.


Avery Keenan

Hello! My name is Avery Keenan and I'm a freshman Environmental Science major from Cranberry, PA. I first got into beekeeping through the Buzzfeed Cluster Course offered here at Westminster. Going into beekeeping I was scared to get stung. After spending time around the bees, I found it calming and fun. Beekeeping taught me how to stay calm in situations that I would not normally be comfortable in. In my free time, you can find me running cross-country or competing in our indoor/outdoor track teams.


Jacob Patton

Hi! My name is Jacob Patton. I am a senior Chemistry major from Harrisville, PA. I am a part of the Westminster track and field team, an all-American in the 4x100 m relay along with a national qualifier in the 400m hurdles. I started taking beekeeping because I needed a cluster course to graduate. As soon as I started the course I fell in love with beekeeping. I love helping with the Westminster Bee Company and anything else bee related. I never thought in all my years of college that I would end up taking a beekeeping course, but let me tell you, it's the best decision I have ever made. Fun fact, I will be a student aid at the Pittcon chemistry conference and presenting my capstone research in Philadelphia this spring!

Grace Phillips

Hi! My name is Grace Phillips and I'm a junior English major from Saxonburg, PA! I got introduced to beekeeping in 2021 through Dr. Krantz's Apiary Management course. After overcoming my fear of bees, I fell in love with it. Beekeeping has taught me the crucial role of honeybees in our environment; without them, humanity would only last four years! This spring, I will be taking my fourth semester of beekeeping, and I could not be more excited. My advice to anyone who is interested in beekeeping is to give it a try, and make sure your ankles are covered!


Morgan Straw

Hi! My name is Morgan Straw and I'm a senior Environmental Science and Spanish double major from Indiana, PA. Since starting at Westminster in 2019, I've been able to explore my interests in really cool ways, like studying abroad in Spain and becoming a beekeeper. I started beekeeping in 2021 to learn more about honeybees, and I've been involved ever since. Now I work with the Westminster Bee Company in product development and apiary management. I enjoy working on things such as desgining labels, creating new products, and so much more. Thanks to Westminster, I've been able to explore my interests and turn them into passions.