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Center for the Environment


About the Center for the Environment

The mission of the Center for the Environment is to connect people with each other and the natural world. We strive to create an understanding of the dynamic relationships among society, our environment, and the economy. We offer programming and resources to foster critical thinking, creative expression, data collection and analysis, ethical judgements, and entrepreneurial endeavors, and human wellbeing. We embrace diverse perspective and thought consistent with Westminster College’s liberal arts heritage.


Academic Programs:


Data Collection:

  • Robert (Bob) V. Travis Weather Station
  • Solar Panel Array
  • Successional Plots
  • Water Quality



Other Educational Programs:

  • Modules in liberal arts courses
  • Outdoor STEM camp
  • Summer community programming


Outdoor Facilities:

  • Field Station
  • Nature Center
  • College Woods
  • Brittain Lake

Outdoor Educational Resources:

  • Apiary
  • Arboretum
  • Bill and Virginia Offutt Microforest
  • Bird Blind
  • Composting
  • Edmiston Labyrinth
  • Lucile B. Frey Nature Trail
  • "Meg" Rankin Garden
  • Tiny House Project
  • Wind Turbine

Applied Liberal Arts Education with Transferrable Skill Set

  • Challange students outside their comfort zones
  • Collaborate on real-world problems
  • Apply a cross-disciplinary approach
  • Cultivate community & connections to nature
  • Foster entrepreneurial mindset


Sustainability Project Map