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Student Peer Tutoring Agreement

My responsibilities as a Westminster College student using Peer Tutoring Services in the Academic Success Center are as follows:

Be prepared

I will make sure to have all necessary books, assignments, notes, calculators, etc. with me when I attend a tutoring session. I will have attended the class and have questions ready. I will have attempted to complete my homework assignments to the best of my ability. For online sessions, I will make sure all of my technology (computer, Zoom, etc.) is working properly before the start of the session.

Be on Time

I will be punctual and reliable. If I am unable to attend a tutoring appointment, I will cancel no later than four hours before my appointment. If I am more than 15 minutes late, I forfeit my appointment.

Be Respectful and Fully Participate in the Session

I will show respect to the tutor in my words and actions. I will refrain from using my phone for personal use during sessions. In online sessions, I will eliminate background noise that can disturb the session. I will be engaged with the tutor and participate by taking notes, asking and answering questions and giving appropriate feedback, since I alone am responsible for my own learning and academic performance.

Be Aware of the Tutor's Role

I understand that the tutor is not an instructor and is not a substitute for attending class regularly. I should not expect the tutor to do the work for me. Furthermore, the tutor may have taken the course with a different instructor, and the course material may be presented to me in an alternative way. Tutors also are not academic advisors, coaches, or counselors. While they are trained to refer students to other helpful resources on campus, they should not be considered appropriate substitutes for those services.

Attend Sessions Regularly

I recognize that tutoring is most effective when regular appointments are held. I will not use tutoring in an effort to “cram” for an assignment or exam. In particular, I should schedule tutoring appointments for writing assignments early in the writing process to ensure I receive thorough support prior to my paper’s due date. Tutor availability and the quality of support will decrease with short notice.

Adhere to be Video Recorded or Observed

I acknowledge that my tutoring session may be recorded or observed for Academic Success Center training and evaluation purposes, and that those recordings fall within the guidelines established in Westminster College’s policy on faculty recording class sessions. That policy, which complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), can be found in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog/Graduate Handbook and on the College’s Learning Management System, D2L. However, choosing not to be recorded does not prohibit me from receiving services from the Academic Success Center. If I decline to be recorded, it is my responsibility to communicate that request to the Peer Tutor prior to the tutoring session.

Provide Feedback

I understand that giving feedback about my tutoring experience is important when it comes to improving this service. I will do my best to respond to the online tutoring survey emailed to me by my peer tutor.