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History major presents research on civil rights activist Pauli Murray

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Posted on Sunday, April 28, 2019

NEW WILMINGTON, PA – Westminster College senior history major Michaela Marini presented research on Pauli Murray, civil rights advocate and first African American to earn a doctorate from Yale Law School, at the West and Central New York Regional Conference of Phi Alpha Theta Conference in Buffalo, N.Y., on Saturday, April 13.

Her paper, “Personal Outrage and Civil Rights Activism: Pauli Murray as a Student and Advocate for Change,” was adapted from her capstone research project.

Marini’s paper was part of a panel on the history of African American women at the conference. Murray’s contributions to civil and women’s rights in the 20th century were significant, and Marini's paper argues that more attention should be paid to it.

Marini, the daughter of Mario and Christine Marini of Greenville, is a graduate of Greenville Senior High School.