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New Student Organization Donates Children’s Books to Farrell Elementary First Graders

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Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Recent graduates Megan-Lynn Lowry and Allissa Grimaldi had a literary vision; they wanted to give high-needs children at Farrell Elementary free books to increase their home libraries. In Fall 2017, Lowry and Grimaldi actualized this goal by creating the student organization Little Library, with support from their advisors Dr. Charlene Klassen Endrizzi and Ms. Cynthia Clarke.

"It is evident that Little Library made an impact on these students. You can see the excitement on their faces as soon as we arrive with books," explains Lowry. "We created a family bonding experience while improving their reading skills. That's everything we hoped for when establishing this Westminster organization."

Over the academic year, Little Library has donated books to over 70 first graders at Farrell Elementary in Farrell, PA. With each book, Little Library sends home a family newsletter to help parents consider simple activities to extend the book experience.

"Megan and Liss, along with other Little Library members, understand the importance of providing children with books to read at home," adds Klassen Endrizzi. "They discovered first graders like to share their books with dads, moms, siblings, pets and even stuffed animals."

Student officers Brady Rosile, Nick Sansone, Devanne Doyle and Rachel Popelka added essential support.

For more information, contact Klassen Endrizzi at