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Drinko Center for Undergraduate Research Announces 2018 Summer Research Fellows

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Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Drinko Center for Undergraduate Research at Westminster College is pleased to announce the second cohort of Summer Research Fellows. Student and faculty pairs from all academic disciplines were encouraged to apply for one of the highly competitive research fellowships, and only six were accepted for summer 2018.

The fellowship includes stipends for both the undergraduate researcher and their faculty mentor. Partial support for on-campus housing will be provided to recipients to help with residential costs during their four-week research period.

The group of researchers and their mentors are mentioned below along with a brief description of their research project. 

Sophomore biochemistry major Troy Holden and associate professor of chemistry Dr. Erin Wilson are investigating the function of the bone mineralization protein Osteocalcin in a crowded environment.

Junior environmental science major Tia Kowalo and assistant professor of biology Dr. Diana Ortiz are continuing their research together in Costa Rica over the summer. The pair are studying the host preference and identification of mosquitoes. 

Junior theater major Emily Eyler and visiting assistant professor of theater Dr. Karen Dabney will be conducting research to better understand the human experience through performance art. 

Junior biology major Emily D'Amico and associate professor of biology Dr. Karen Resendes are collaborating on entitled "The Effects of 5-Fluorouracil and Gemcitabine treatment on cell viability and caspase activation."

Over the summer, junior criminal justice studies major Delaney Saxton and professor of political science Dr. Shannon Smithey are investigating adult probation and recidivism in Ohio. 

Junior history major Dominic Boston and professor of history Dr. Timothy Cuff are collaborating on a research project examining the influenza pandemic of 1918 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

For more information, contact Dr. Karen Resendes at