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Humans of Westminster: Meet Liz '18

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Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"More than a College"

Westminster has been so much more than a college to me. It is where I have been presented with the best opportunities, friends and memories. I have learned how to not only navigate through my career, but also through life. I have had the chance to go on many trips, meet incredible, influential people and bloom in the areas I am most passionate about. Continuing my dance career through college has been amazing, especially with the dancers I have gotten to share this experience with. Sharing my love for dance as a choreographer in Dance Theatre and as a choreographer of Wilmington High School’s musical has been so inspiring and energizing.

My term as the service chair of SGA opened my eyes to recognize all of the selfless people I am surrounded with at Westminster. Everyone here is so willing to help out with anything; it has been so refreshing. As a service- oriented college, the kindness that radiates from everyone is so fulfilling. The unity at this campus has made me feel at home for the past four years. Whether I am inside or outside of my comfort zone, I have always felt like I was supported by my peers and professors, and that is so important. The school of business has prepared me for whatever lies ahead of me, and I am eager to continue my busy lifestyle so I can make the most out of every moment. Westminster College has given me so much more than a marketing degree. I can’t wait to see where I end up after graduation, and I cannot thank Westminster enough for giving me more than I could ever imagine.

Liz Smith is a senior marketing major.