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Humans of Westminster: Meet Danielle

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Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sister, Sister

Choosing to attend Westminster was a difficult choice for me. My sister was already in her freshman year here when I was doing my college search, and although she and I are really close, I didn’t want people to think I was only coming here to be “just like her” or that I’m not my own person. However, after visiting her one weekend that year and spending the night, I woke up feeling like I could continue to stay, and it would feel completely natural.

From that morning, even though I didn’t admit it right away, I knew I would end up here. Now, I’m so happy that I did. Though I’m only a sophomore, I’ve already made lasting relationships here and received multiple opportunities that have helped me grow not only in my major and minor, but also just as a person in general. I truly feel like I was meant to end up here at Westminster, and it’s not just because my sister goes here, too.

Danielle Grady is a sophomore public relations major and marketing minor.