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International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity Elects Dr. Jim C. Rhoads as President

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Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The 33rd consecutive International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity meeting proved to quite eventful for Dr. James C. Rhoads, professor of political science. At the meeting held Sept. 7-9 in Glasgow, Scotland at Glasgow Caledonian University, Rhoads presented two papers with his co-authors and was elected president of the Society.

The first paper Rhoads and his co-authors presented was entitled "Rationality vs. Rationale Among Trump Voters in 2016: What Were They Thinking?".  The paper was co-authored by Dan B. Thomas, professor emeritus at Wartburg College and Bruce McKeown of Camano Island, WA. The paper identified four different segments of attitudes that motivated Trump voters to select the New York businessman: Traditional Republicans, those who wished to upset the status quo, those who were drawn to Trump because of his perceived business acumen, and a final group who were motivated by anti-Clinton and cultural issues.

The second paper, "An Abductory Examination of Abduction,” was co-authored by Steven R. Brown of Kent State University and Amanda Wolf of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. This paper makes the connection between abductory thinking, as advanced by Charles Peirce and the design steps in a Q methodological study, particularly in the factor rotation stage.

In addition to presenting, Rhoads was elected president of the Society at their annual meeting and will serve a three-year term. He previously held the post during academic year of 2004-05. Next year's meeting will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina and will be hosted by North Carolina State University.

The International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity is dedicated to advancing the ideas of Dr. William Stephenson, inventor of Q Methodology. 

“Q Methodology provides both the tools and the philosophy for a scientific study of subjectivity,” explained Rhoads. “The annual meeting regularly attracts Q methodologists from around the globe.” 

Rhoads, who joined the Westminster faculty in 1992, earned an undergraduate degree, master's degree, and Ph.D. from Kent State University.

For more information, contact Dr. Rhoads at or 724-946-7255.