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Podcast: Experts Tackle ‘Fake News’ with Westminster College Students

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Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

By Brad Weaver, Broadcast Communication Faculty

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Is fake news threatening the truth? Undermining the First Amendment and the Fourth Estate? How do we cope with the issue? Is greater news literacy the solution? WCN 24/7 invited a group of experts to their studios in April where they confronted the issue.

The panel of experts included Westminster College President, Dr. Kathy B. Richardson, who has researched, published, and taught journalism; Dr. Randy Richardson, Professor of Communication Studies at Westminster College; WPXI Journalist Amy Marcinkiewicz; and WPXI News Director Susan Nadell

Each expert offered their experience and insights as journalists, newsroom leaders, scholars, and researchers. The panelists called for citizens and journalists to embrace media literacy; know how good journalism works; and engage in critical thinking. The experts agreed citizens must be critical thinkers and work to become news savvy. These are important to living in a world with fake news.

This podcast was recorded with a live audience at the broadcast studios of WCN. This podcast is the second in a series addressing ‘fake news.’ Click here for part 1. 

View part 2 and a full transcription here.

For more information, contact Brad Weaver at or 724-316-9618.