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Troy Jackson Releases Video Concept Statement for "Ghost Witch"

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Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Troy Jackson '17, Film Studies and Media Production major, released his video concept statement for his project, "Ghost Witch."

"Ghost Witch" captures the folklore surrounding a Lawrence County myth, the ghost of Mary Black. Generations of Lawrence County residents have passed down the tale that claims a local woman was a witch and her ghost continues to haunt the community.

"I want to explore to find out who Mary Black really was, and to find the reasons behind people claiming she was a witch," says Jackson.

Jackson and other documentary production students will present trailers for their projects during this year's Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration event. The final full-length documentaries will premiere this fall at the 2017 WC Documentary Showcase.

Jackson's trailer for "Ghost Witch" is available for streaming on Vimeo.