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Humans of Westminster: Meet Robert

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Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2016

From Students to Alumni

I am not an alumnus of Westminster College, but I have spent the past three decades of my career coaching and witnessing young men and women grow and transform through opportunities they’ve had during their time at Westminster.
As a swim coach, I’ve heard countless stories about residence halls and about the layers of paint that has glazed “the rock.” I’ve heard about challenging professors, classes, and coaches; and I’ve witnessed Greek Week victories. I’ve seen students memorizing Sing and Swing routines, and I’ve heard those stories about when students meet their roommate for the first time – and how they become best friends even before Fresh Start ends.
Now that I’m on the flip-side of my career, working in the institutional advancement division of Westminster, I have the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time visiting with alumni. I am amazed by the countless hours of stories they tell of very similar memories that current students experience – and that those very aspects are what made it special so many years ago.